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Crawlspace Waterproofing in Portland, OR

Also Serving the Eugene, Salem, Central Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington Areas

Your crawlspace is out of sight and out of mind. But it can still affect the rest of your house—when something goes wrong with your crawlspace, your entire home could become damaged.

Avoid expensive repairs and dangerous conditions by protecting your crawlspace. John’s Waterproofing can provide crawlspace waterproofing and other services in Portland, OR.

Keep Your Crawlspace Clean and Dry

If your crawlspace isn’t protected, excess water is the most immediate danger. When a crawlspace becomes flooded, it could grow mold or attract pests, damaging your home’s structure and causing health hazards for your family.

Johns Waterproofing offers several solutions:


crawlspace encapsulation

1. Vapor barrier. This service keeps moisture from entering your crawlspace.

 2. Crawlspace encapsulationCrawlspaces occasionally trap radon gas, which is dangerous to your family’s health. Our encapsulation system will keep radon gas out, along with moisture, pests, and mold.

3. Dehumidifiers. If your crawlspace consistently smells musty, a dehumidifier might be the quick, easy fix you need. Our dehumidifiers are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and self-draining.

4. Thermal insulation and winterization. With a little extra insulation, your crawlspace will stay warm and dry, keeping the rest of your house from losing extra energy. We’ll keep your power bills low and your water pipes unfrozen.

5. Structural support. If the floor over your crawlspace has started to sag, your crawlspace needs some extra support. We’ll put in some extra support beams to fix the problem.



Our services will take care of your every crawlspace need. Just let us know what your problem is, and we’ll find the perfect solution for your budget.

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