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Flood Control and Prevention for Oregon & Washington

Flooding can happen without warning in the rainy states of Oregon and Washington. Is your home prepared for a flood?

Discover how John's Waterproofing Co can prevent a flood from ruining your home.

The solution is SmartVent® Foundation Flood Vents.

flood space
flood space

How Do the SmartVent® Foundation Flood Vents Work?

They are channels that regulate flood waters to stabilize pressure against the foundation walls. When waters hit against the vent, the doors open and the waters go through.

Do the SmartVent® Foundation Flood Vents Work for Both Ventilated and Sealed Basements?

Yes! The flood vents come in two styles.

For sealed basements, the flood vent doors have significant insulation encased within steel.

For ventilated basements, our floor vents have workable louvers to ventilate air in and out of the basement. They open or close due to outside temperature. The louvered flood vents are enforced with steel to protect against corrosion and to last a long time.

What Benefits Do SmartVent® Foundation Flood Vents Have?

The benefits are numerous!

  • Energy-efficient
  • Insulated
  • Corrosion-resistant with stainless steel
  • Meet all standards

How Do the SmartVent® Foundation Flood Vents Help with Flood Insurance?

With these flood vents, your flood insurance premiums can go down drastically. Some homeowners have noted that it led to 83% savings.

Flood Tips

If a flood does happen, you need to be prepared. Read these flood tips for more information.

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