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Foundation Crack Repair in Portland, OR

Whenever there are cracks in your foundation, walls, pipes, or floors, you are at risk for flooding and water damage. John's Waterproofing Co can help prevent a catastrophe from happening with our patented and warrantied services:

Floor Cracks

How would you feel if water rushed up through a crack in your floor? You'd feel overwhelmed, stressed, and probably scared. Let us help prevent this from happening.

John's Waterproofing Co recommends that we install a lateral line drainage system that will take water from the crack and direct it to a sump pump system. We will install a perimeter drainage system and drainage channel with PVC straight to your pump, and finally, we will re-cement your floor.

Wall and Pipe Cracks

Cracks can happen anywhere, from your foundation walls to your pipes. Let us help prevent further damage.

With the FlexiSpan® Wall System, we can. We install it, often with the WaterGuard® drainage system. Then we seal the crack with a polyurethane polymer with two layers. To mask this, we finish it off with a final, light gray sealant. We finish the process with complete floor restoration.

Our special FlexiSpan® beats the competitors with its durable, flexible abilities. If you have a foundation, wall, or pipe crack, see what FlexiSpan® can do for you!

Window Flooding

If you have a window in the basement, it is in danger of leaking. Because these windows are made of wood or steel, they can decay. This leads to a loose frame and easier access for water to seep through.

John's Waterproofing Co has the solution: the WellDuct® System. We first install a perimeter drain or drywell, create a drainage channel, then corral water into the perimeter drainage system, and finally seal the drain.

Call John's Waterproofing in Portland, OR for any questions or concerns you have about a crack in your home today.