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A Few of Our Oregon and Washington Basement Contractor Projects

BASEMENT SPACE IS CHEAPER THAN ADDITION SPACE-To get more space in your home you can put an addition on at around $120 to $220 a square foot, or finish the basement at $50-$70 per square foot. Now there’s a bargain! But you can’t finish your basement it it’s wet- not even a little bit wet, not even a little bit of the time! Call John’s Waterproofing now!

Suitable Basement Flooring--WARNING---NO WOOD SUB FLOORS IN BASEMENTS! Call now to prevent mold and mildew in your basement! Healthy air --Healthy Family!

Before and After: Call now so we can help you protect your home and possessions from water, mold and mildew!

Before and After: Water damage to your walls and carpet in your basement are not covered by insurance. Let us keep them dry for a lifetime!- Call Now!

Before and After Pictures--Don't Skimp-do it right the first time or it will cost you more in the long run! Call now for your free estimate!

ThermalDry's modular design allows you to have carpet or tile in your renovated dry basement! Call now for a free estimate!

CRAWL SPACE- Dry and Clean for Healthy Living!

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Cold and Wet Winters and Springs will bring mold spores! This seeps through your floors and vents. Radon gas is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that comes from the ground. Radon only comes from the ground moving the air/radon from the bottom to the top of your home. Call us now for a free estimate to protect your family!

Damp or Wet Crawl Space Negative Effects:

1) Dust mites (#1 indoor Allergen)
2) Aggravated asthma and allergies
3) Sticking (swollen) doors and windows
4) Smelly, damp carpets
5) Buckling hardwood floors
6) Condensation/rotting/mold in your attic
7) Frost, condensation or mold on the inside of windows in cool weather
8) Increased cooling bills (damp air takes more energy to cool)
9) Increased heating bills (damp air takes more energy to heat)
10) Mold up stairs
11) Decreased life of roof sheathing and shingles
12) Decreased life of paint on the outside of the house


You could even get a plumbing leak and you would not have to replace the walls, baseboard, insulation or flooring!

Call Now for a Dry Basement! Usable space that will not go to waste!"