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Quality Seismic Retrofitting in Portland, OR

Seismic Retrofitting in Portland, OR and WashingtonIf you live in Oregon or Washington, you could experience an earthquake at any time. The states along the West Coast are known earthquake zones, and if your home was built before 1985, you may experience more structural damage than some of your neighbors.

However, your situation isn’t hopeless; there are effective ways to prepare your older home for an earthquake. At John’s Waterproofing, we can perform seismic retrofitting on your home to minimize earthquake damage.

Prepare Your Home

Your home sits on structures called cripple walls, which connect the home to the foundation. In the event of an earthquake, an older, unprepared home can fall off these cripple walls, and the cripple walls could collapse. When this happens, the house may slide off the foundation, resulting in substantial and expensive damage.

To keep this from happening, we can install a Universal Foundation Plate, which solidifies the connection between the home’s walls and the foundation. This plate can absorb the three structural forces of an earthquake—overturning, racking, and sliding—and protect your home from devastating earthquake damage.

We can install a Universal Foundation Plate in as little as one or two days, and it offers the following benefits:

  • Potentially lowered insurance premiums
  • Increased home and family safety in an earthquake
  • Eligibility for earthquake insurance
  • Reduced earthquake repair costs

Don’t wait to fortify your home against earthquakes. Give us a call today and we’ll happily answer any questions you have.

Keep Your Family Safe

The team at John’s Waterproofing is fully prepared to provide quality seismic retrofitting. We maintain a high standard of excellence, and we offer our services at affordable prices to better accommodate our customers. When you call us, you can expect courtesy and respect, and we aim to always achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Contact John’s Waterproofing today. We currently serve numerous areas in Oregon, including Portland, OR. You can reach our capable team at 1-800-810-5883.