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Basement Preparation Services in Portland, OR

Your basement or crawl space is often ignored or regulated to storage space. However, it is a vital part of your home. John's Waterproofing Co can help turn your basement or crawlspace to be not only safe but usable. Take advantage of our many services:


You don't go into your crawlspace unless there's an issue. John's Waterproofing Co helps to prevent issues from happening with our flexible solutions, such as a vapor barrier, dehumidifier, and structural support.

Seismic Retrofitting

When your home isn't properly fitted to stand against earthquakes, it can cause extensive damage if one ever occurs. Let John's Waterproofing Co prepare for this with our Universal Foundation Plate process.

Flood Prevention

Is your home equipped to withstand a flood? If not, it's time to prepare. Let John's Waterproofing floodproof your home today.

Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing is our signature service, and we've done this since 1974. With a waterproof basement, you fit your home against flooding, leaking, and water damage.

Foundation Cracks

When your foundation walls, pipes, or floors are showing cracks, it's time to call in John's Waterproofing Co. With our flexible seals, we can help your cracks from leaking or flooding.

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